Old Jack’s Boat

Old Jack’s Boat in Staithes

Cottages in taithes Old Jack's Boat

The cast of Old Jack’s Boat, filmed in Staithes

Staithes is the location for the CBeebies children’s TV programmes Old Jack’s Boat and Rockpool Tales. See the familiar sights: Old Jack’s cottage; the harbour; the cobbled streets where Old Jack, Salty Dog and their friends have their adventures.

Old Jack’s Boat Sticker Trail


old jack sticker trail

A great way to explore Staithes is to follow the Old Jack’s Boat Sticker Trail. See if you can find Old Jack’s Cottage, crab and lobster pots, The Mermaid Cafe, and The Sea Urchin fishing boat.  Children  can become one of the characters in Old Jack’s Boat as they take part in the sticker trail  through Staithes. The sticker trail  will guide them through all the familiar places in the picturesque village where the programme is filmed. They will be guided  through the alleys and  lanes to different places in the village as they look for six of Old Jack’s animated friends and characters. Just pick up a leaflet from any café or shop in Staithes and then help Old Jack to mend his boat ‘The Rainbow.’ 

Old Jack stickers

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